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Optimal Brain Health Program

Beachside Naturopathic Clinic

Naturopathic Doctor located in Huntington Beach, CA

Using a combination of diet, peptide therapies, and nutrients to lower inflammation in the brain to treat and prevent mental health disorders, neurological conditions and dementia. 

Optimal Brain Health - Genetic & Nutritional Psychiatry

In any one-year period, 10% of the population, or about 30 million American adults, suffer from a mood disorder, according to the National Institute of Mental Health. A study by the World Health Organization, Harvard University School of Public Health and the World Bank found that by the year 2030, depression will be second only to HIV/AIDS in terms of disability caused world-wide. Depression can be a physical illness.
A backlash against antidepressants sparked by concerns about their safety, efficacy and side effects is helping drive patients to alternative methods. Some 80% of antidepressants are currently prescribed by primary doctors who often diagnose depression in a 20-minute visit and don't provide accompanying therapy, lab work-ups or help for managing side effects. The brain is the only organ that doesn't get tested or imaged when we have mental/emotional health symptoms. At Beachside Naturopathic clinic we offer specialty testing to look at the brain and the bio-chemical changes from inflammation and stress that affects its function. Dr. Preston practices a type of brain health medicine known as nutritional psychiatry, which is using high dose specific nutrients in specific ratios that feed and heal the brain naturally. This type medical evaluation allows us to address behavior and emotional distress caused by functional brain disorders. While depression or anxiety can be multi-factorial, medical conditions should be diagnosed or ruled out for disease of the brain that affects its functions which includes but not limited to:

Mold/Mycotoxins/Chronic Fungal Dysbiosis

Functional Hormone Imbalances (small fluctuations that can't be tested by normal testing)

Nutrient Deficiencies

Adrenal Fatigue


Undiagnosed Autoimmune Disease


Food Intolerances/Allergies

Before beginning any therapy please understand if there are major factors in your life that are contributing to the way you feel this may be a normal process and time will heal. However, if worsening over time or having trouble coping Dr. Preston can recommend diet changes, herbal medicine or vitamins to help lessen the stressors but is in no way a fix for lifestyle and environmental challenges. Our goal at Beachside Naturopathic Clinic is to meet you half way by lessoning the physical stressors on the body at your current time of emotional stress to help you better adapt to the changes happening within your life.

With any medical condition or emotional distress these three things below are a great place to start or add to current regimen: 

Exercise — Depression can result from chronic ongoing stress and exercise acts like a biological insurance plan against the bodily effects of stress. 20 minutes, three times a week or more of anything that gets you sweaty is all that’s needed.

Diet — Eliminate processed foods, especially sugar and refined carbohydrates which may increase inflammation in the body. Eat plenty of natural foods including fruits and vegetables, pastured animal products and eggs and wild fish.

Meditate — Meditation stimulates the expression of genes that are powerfully anti-inflammatories. Just ten minutes a day of mindfulness, deep breathing or gratitude journaling can help mood

Therapies offered:

Sleep Reset program - whether you are coming off medications or wanting to avoid sleep medications, this program is wright for you. Through a health assessment you can find out what imbalances are existing in your brain. Based on your unique results we put together a program that is right for you. Through natural vitamins or bio-identical hormones you can help your body restore its lost function. If you have been on medications for more than 1 year you may have to partake in our withdrawal program as the medications have created dependency on a cellular level. This requires a minimum of 6 months but results in safe and tolerable withdrawals addressing long term genetic changes, deficiencies and detoxification issues.

Transformations Diet - Depression is a physical illness and is now accepted in the medical community as inflammation of the brain. Your brain runs on good fats and functional issues with sugar and fat can cause inflammation in the brain. Sometimes diets can be confusing and hard, but with the Metabolic Transformaitons we offer easy and indnividualized treatments. This is not a calorie driven diet but a food type diet. Your brain runs on fat. By increasing certain good fats, eliminating allergies, and lowering carbohydrates your brain function increases while lowers brain and systemic inflammation. Reset your blood sugar, prevent or reverse diabetes and pre-diabetes here!

Immune Protection Treatment: (Mycotoxin/Mold and Viral Treatment) - Our brain cells are intricinsely linked with our immune system. Chronic Mold and Viral exposure can manifest as brain fog, chronic pain, and depression. With proper immunological testing with blood and saliva cultures, we can assess chronic inflammation from mold exposure or chronic viruses.

Read Surviving mold here:,

CBD Neuroprogram – a natural anti-inflammatory natural anti-depressant natural pain n anxiolytic. Contains NO THC (the psychoactive component of marijuana). All components come from industrial Hemp a type of marijuana grown without the THC. With CBD you can sleep better, have more energy and have less pain. We offer many forms and dosing to help with any of your concerns in a way that will work the best and quickest.

Vitamin Therapy- Replacing nutrients/minerals essential for brain health or removing toxic chemicals from the brain.

Genetic Test - click here at and visit me for interpretation regarding how your body utilizes and detoxes which may

Neuro Amino Acid therapy - replacing specific proteins that make or balance excess of neurotransmitters either from stress and genetics or from trauma and medication induced imbalances.

Hormone Replacement - as we get older subtle losses in hormones translate in significant ways that decrease our ability to focus, think, and feel like ourselves. If you are any age there may be imbalances that contribute to severe mood changes, depression and even focus.

Stem Cell Injection Therapy - the ultimate therapy in joint regeneration for chronic pain. Chronic pain can affect mood long term affecting energy while hijacking the body's limited resources. Prolotherapy and stem cell injections help regenerate tendons and ligaments making joints stronger and pain free!