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Glutathione for Lung and Detox Health

What is Glutathione?
Glutathione is an antioxidant that’s naturally produced in your body. It’s made up of three three amino acids (or proteins):
Benefits of Glutathione
The depletion of Glutathione has been strongly associated with many diseases such as:
How do we get Glutathione?
The body makes its own glutathione. However with modern day toxins and standard american diet, we tend to deplete our glutathione a lot quicker than we can replenish it. If you have any chronic disease, allergies, virus, or leaky gut this also further uses up glutathione.
While we can be exposed to glutathione through certain foods, its poor absorbability makes it hard to directly increase your levels. This also goes with supplementing glutathione, as it is extremely hard to absorb glutathione directly due to its unstable nature. You must intake the precursors to help recycle or build glutathione.
The best way to INCREASE glutathione levels in the body is through foods that are rich in the sulfur amino acid building blocks of glycine, cysteine, and glutamine. Sulfur rich foods have high amounts of cysteine, the most potent builder of glutathione.
However, if you have sulfur metabolism issues, however this may not be the best way. You may need to supplement selenium, cysteine and glutamine into your diet through supplements and other foods.
Sulfur rich foods:
The best way to increase glutathione to fight disease:
The more potent methods of medical delivery will increase your levels through direct contact in blood, bypassing the gut. At Beachside Natuorpathic Clinic we frequently recommend these delivery methods:
Due to all the old houses, living in close proximity to the beach, and being down wind from an industrial and heavily trafficked harbor, we are CONSTANTLY being exposed to toxins, heavy metals, and mold. If you are patient we most likely have already discussed the importance of air purifiers, clean water and glutathione in their role in your overall health. Even though its expected this time of year, its still more important than ever to protect yourself from increased fire toxins and smoke exposure. The lungs use up more glutathione than any other organ, so glutathione not only can help symptoms but can help clean out allergens and toxins from the lungs promoting overall lung health!
The best thing you can do (and are probably already doing with quarantine) during fire season is stay indoors, get a good quality air filter, drink lots of clean filtered water, and promote glutathione through healthy vegetables, or supplementing with N-acetyl cysteine or glutathione IVs.
Cynthia Preston, ND

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