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Liquid Anti-Flu - Natural Tamiflu to fight your first signs of the flu

This years flu hit big right around Christmas time. The character of this years flu is similar to the stomach flu with more signs of digestive distress, nausea, and diarrhea with the typical body aches and fatigue.

Most of the illness and hospitalizations so far this season have been caused by influenza A (H3N2) viruses, the CDC reported Wednesday in an official advisory. In past years the flu shot has been least effective against A (H3N2) viruses compared to other A or B strain flu viruses. And, whenever this strain of flu virus has caused most of the sickness, more hospitalizations and deaths occurr in both young children and in people 65 and older, compared to other age groups. While the flu vaccine may help decrease the lenght of cold for the elderly and children it still has been shown to have increased death and hospitalizations than other types of flu.

So what can you do instead of the flu vaccine? The 3 things I reccommend starting with:

1. Staying Clean - wash hands as much as you can, don't touch your mouth, nose or eyes, & use Echinacea, Argentyn Silver, or Propolis throat sprays when traveling or around sick people daily. (Propolis comes from honey bees and has powerful immune stimulating powers and tastes goods so great for kids - dose is 45 mg 2-3 times per day).  Argentyn Silver is a highly stable and bio-available silver with powerful antimicorbial actions and is even very effective at eliminating Lymes Disease (a tick born parasite that attacks the whole body). Don't use just any silver as it could be toxic if not the right form or brand.

2. Getting Vitamin D shots or taking high doses of Prescription grade Vitamin D - These forms should only be administered OR prescribed by a doctor(naturoapthic doctors can do this). You should have testing done before hand to know your levels as you can overdose on too much Vitamin D3. A good healthy blood level  is aroudn 60-80 NG/ML and a safe daily dose is 5000 ius per day taken with food.

3. Start Liquid Vitamin A at 25,000 ius twice per day - I suggest Bio-Vegetarian by Priority One as a supplement that has all immune vitamins along with immune supporting herbs like mushrooms, echinacea, zinc, and oregon grape.  Do NOT take Vitamin A if you are pregnant/think you are pregnant or under the age of 12. Children can take 25000 ius (10000 ius twice per day). Brands I like or Biotics or

Liquid Anti-Flu: 5 drops of liquid vitamin A (50000 ius) with 1 drop of Vitamin D3 (5000ius), 3 dropperfulls of Usnea Lichen Herbal Extract, 3 dropperfulls of Lemon Balm (Melissa Officinalis) Herbal LIquid Extract(can be found at health food stores) and 2 dropperfulls of Biocidin (can be found in health food stores or through naturopathic doctors) in 1 big glass of water. Do this twice per day at the first signs of the flu and if you end up getting it, continue for 6 days to help you alleviate symptoms and decrease the severety and duration. Not to be used in young children less than 12 years old or in pregnant or nursing women or if you think you may be pregnant. Call your doctor if fever higher than 103 or not getting better in 5-6 days. Also call your naturopathic doctor for dosing  or alternatives for children and nursing/pregnant women


Cynthia Preston, ND

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